About Lee-Ann

Lee-Ann’s Fitness was born in April 2012 and was the result of my personal battle with weight gain in which I recorded a sustainable weight loss of over 7 stones. This was achieved through lifestyle choices coupled with my own special blend of exercises and activities that are fun and socially rewarding.


But its not all about losing weight, exercise played a huge part in achieving this and as a result stimulated a desire to share my passion. So much so that I went back to the class room to get qualified. At the same time, I set up a number of groups and classes including Alvechurch Road Runners, Cardio Blast, Interval Training, Boot Camps and Zumba. Along with a number of clients I coach on a one to one basis I also carry out work for a number of the local councils.

Running Coach

A member of the UK Athletics Association I have successfully coached numerous people of varying age ranges through Alvechurch Road Runners to develop, whether you are an absolute beginner or a returning runner you will find running in the group helps you in achieving your goals. Many of the runners who started in my beginners class now enter the Birmingham Half Marathon annually something they might not have thought possible when they started.

Core Muscles

As any running coach will tell you a running programme that involves simply jogging is not a running programme at all, any running programme must amongst other things also focus on other muscle groups, specifically the often misunderstood core muscles. In support of my running group I also run successful classes targeting these muscles and much more. My popular Cardio Blast takes place on a Wednesday at Alvechurch Middle School, whilst running a number of Pilates classes and many have found how it has developed their stamina and general fitness.

Never Too Late

Regardless of your current fitness level medical evidence supports the notion that it is never too late to start. If this is you, I have established classes that are specifically aimed at the over 50 age bracket including Zumba Gold and my own special take on routines with music to promote the social aspect of exercise. Qualified to receive medical referrals from GPs I make sure my classes are designed to be safe and effective as one size does not fit all and this is especially true in fitness as we are all starting from different points.

Fitness Is Fun

My aim was always to empower people of all abilities to achieve their fitness goals and in turn develop their self-esteem by overcoming personal barriers. Overcoming my own personal challenges enables me to speak from experience to deliver a blend of classes and activities that are fun and socially rewarding.

See You Soon

I hope this gives you a little feel for what you are likely to expect at my classes and look forward to seeing you soon.