CARDIO BLAST is a fun challenging aerobic based workout that will get your heart rate pumping using all your major muscles kicking your metabolism into over drive.

This isn’t your regular aerobic class, more like a combination of cardio fat burning moves (incorporating interval training and plyometrics) with sculpting exercises. By using hand weights provided you will notice the increased results for your efforts.

This fun environment, with great music and party atmosphere will keep you motivated and enable you to face whatever the day might throw at you.

So sweat away those calories with a great work out every Wednesday.

I hope this gives you a little feel for what you are likely to expect at my CARDIO BLAST and look forward to seeing you soon. Have a look for classes are in your area by using the interactive timetable below, you can use any search term that you like.


Any enquiries please call me on 078888 41034 or drop me a line here!

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What you need to bring with you

When you come to CARDIOBLAST, wear comfortable workout clothes that allow ease of movement and keep your body temperature cool. Please wear gym shoes to support the choreography you'll be doing in the class. I recommend cross-trainers instead of running shoes, because they'll give you better foot support for the types of movement you'll be doing.

Apart from that, bring a water bottle and towel - it's gonna get sweaty!