04 Jun 2015

This Will Leave You Drenched!!

Now is the ideal time to kick start your fitness and get that body holiday ready - just so you don't feel too guilty enjoying the Sun and Sangria!

This high intensity cardio and strength training class will build lean muscle whilst increasing your cardio endurance to an ever changing mixture of high energy music and a range of easy to learn combos.

The After Burn Effect (scientifically known as Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption [EPOC]) is why Cardio Blast works so well. Research shows that you gain the benefits of the After Burn Effect with "high intensity" workouts.

Make no mistake this workout will push your limits, but you dictate the intensity - after all it's your workout, with a combination of weights with high impact cardio aerobic exercises - so long as you are sweating then you are doing it right!

Cardio Blast offers men and women a chance to get fit and have fun with great music and my unique style of motivation. Regardless of fitness level it's perfect for anyone looking for a fun, high-intensity, challenging workout… this class will definitely leave you drenched!!

We have a range of fitness levels in the class and they are all very friendly, come along for half price for your first class - I promise that you will love it.

Cardio Blast starts at 7:30pm on Wednesdays at Alvechurch Middle School. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for another awesome, energy driven, cream of the crop sweat fest!

Lee-Ann x