This high-intensity group workout uses MAX Interval Training, which alternates between maximum intensity exercises and short periods of rest, to completely transform your body—whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to push past your limits or a beginner just trying to get into shape.

Endurance & Plyometrics:
Challenge yourself with jump training to strengthen your lower body while improving stamina and cardiovascular endurance.

Strength & Balance:
Use bodyweight resistance and balance training to develop serious strength and stability.

Agility & Coordination:
Learn to be fast on your feet with agility drills to develop precision and speed.

I hope this gives you a little feel for what you are likely to expect at INSANITY LIVE and look forward to seeing you soon. Have a look for classes are in your area by using the interactive timetable below, you can use any search term that you like.


Any enquiries please call me on 078888 41034 or drop me a line here!

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Day Time Venue Price Duration Type Intensity Results Burns
Friday   09:30 Sports Direct - Northfield £NA 55 minutes Interval You Decide Cardio based total body conditioning workout that is good for working your body at it's maximum heart rate due to the number of short burst drills. Up to

What you need to bring with you

When you come to INSANITY LIVE, wear comfortable workout clothes that allow ease of movement and keep your body temperature cool. Please wear gym shoes to support the drills you'll be doing in the session. I recommend cross-trainers instead of running shoes, because they'll give you better foot support for the types of movement you'll be doing.

Apart from that, bring a water bottle and towel - it's gonna get sweaty!