04 Nov 2016

New Bodypump Time - There's gonna be fireworks!

Fireworks to celebrate my Saturday night Body Pump has a brand new time of 16:30

My Saturday Bodypump class has moved to 16:30 - there's gonna be fireworks!

Look to the skies on Saturday night and you will see the celebrations as my class moves from 17:00 to it's brand spanking new time of 16:30. I felt so humbled to learn that there would be a national firework display to mark the time change for my fabulous Body Pumpers on Saturdays.

The bonfires will have nothing on the burn that you will be getting from my class though. Track after track targeting a different muscle group there will be fireworks going off with the fizz, pop and bang as you push yourself that little bit extra.

Then there is the music - you are guaranteed some dance floor bangers in there with a new selection every 3 months. Some of the tunes will really make you rock-it. It's probably best that you know now though I do tend to add a little bit of cheese to each session - you'll love it!

There is no longer a 17:00 class and in the new state of the art studios at Cocks Moor Leisure Centre old and new are welcome. Where a little singing will push you through the tracks and leave you with a little sparkle(r) (did you see what I did there?)

Don't let the cheese put you off. I look forward to seeing you on the Saturday 5th November at 16:30 but in the meantime please feel free to contact me to register your interest.

Lee-Ann x