Everyone is Welcome

Alvechurch Road Runners is where many people have realised that exercise is what they are missing out on. There is no doubt that group exercise is more fun than in isolation, but starting out can be daunting. Alvechurch Road Runners has been set up so as to bring like minded people together - runners!

Courses for All

Every Saturday 2 courses are posted; one run will be in the region of 5km and the other in the region of 10km. Each week, come rain, wind or shine this group of runners sets out together in the same direction eventually with the 2 courses splitting and coming back together at the end for warm down and stretches.

What Type are You

The group is made up of social runners - chatting all the way around, clock watchers - those that see the clock as their challenge, developers - those that are building up their distances and then there are those nursing hangovers!

Alvechurch Road Runners

It Takes All Sorts

There are a number of the runners that would not have described themselves as runners before they joined the group, but the feeeling of exhilaration on completing the course is one that can only be experienced. I hope this gives you a little feel for what you should expect at Alvechurch Road Runners and look forward to seeing you soon.