Tell Me Why ........

Mick Jagger never liked Mondays but me and my ladies at Webheath absolutely love it!

Tell Me Why We Just Love Mondays ..... OK so maybe it doesn't go quite like that but it's true!

Vibrant Mondays

Mick Jagger never (to my knowledge) tried Zumba Gold, but judging by the vibrant atmosphere of my Zumba Gold class he will wish he had. Indeed if he had come to Webheath on a Monday maybe the lyrics would have changed - I love my Mondays.

Growing and Engaging

I can't get over the growth of this class over the last few months peaking today with 28. The engaging energy in the class is overwhelming, and like all my classes it is all about the fun and laughs we have along the way.

Singalong & Dance

It is a little cliche to say that the music takes over, but as I'm singing along to myself I suddenly hear the rest of the room pick up the volume whilst we are dancing away - it's great fun.

Who Is It For?

Zumba Gold provides an appropriate workout for those just beginning a fitness program.  Feeling the music happens when you suddenly forget you are dancing in a class and the music is the reason to jiggle and wiggle.

People of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels have all discovered this fun new way to lose weight, feel good, and look better, all while having a great time!

What to Wear?

For your first trip to a Zumba class, wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in (and don’t mind getting a little sweaty) and comfortable shoes with sturdy support.  Most participants wear typical exercise clothes: athletic pants, shorts, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, etc.   The most common type of shoes are flat-soled sports shoes.

All my classes are about having fun and making it a social event, we all have to exercise and it's so much easier when we are having fun at the same time.

It's Not Just Webheath

I teach classes all over Redditch, Barnt Green and Alvechurch and surrounding areas ranging from Zumba Gold to Pilates to my manic Zumba Dance Parties, I also have Cardio Blast at the other end of the spectrum which will either make you or break you and don't forget how it all started with my Couch 2 5k programme from which Alvechuirch Road Runners evolved.

So come along, what have you got to lose, I promise you will love it and will never look back.  If you need any further information feel free to give me a call or contact me via the online form here.

Hope to see you soon Lee-Ann x