New Zumba Gold

Well Zumba Gold has really taken off with my own quirky style!  I will be adding a fifth and sixth class to my timetable in September, this time in Hopwood and Barnt Green.

On Wednesdays I will be in Barnt Green at the Baptist Hall starting on 9th September at 12:30pm, whilst on Fridays I will be in Hopwood at the Village Hall starting on 11th September at 11:30am.

Free Classes

What is better than Lee-Ann's Zumba Gold Class? - thats right Lee-Ann's FREE Zumba Gold Class.  As an added incentive and for a limited period these classes will be free through the whole of September 2015 and into October.

You Choose the pace

All my classes are based around fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

LEE-ANN'S ZUMBA® GOLD DANCE PARTY comes with dance routines designed for beginners and older adults using modified moves allowing you to move at your own pace.  It's an invigorating, community-oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh, and most of all, exhilarating!

Low Impact

Zumba moves are modified to ensure there is no impact on joints by restricting twists and turns.  The simple moves to latin inspired music will improve balance, flexibility and general fitness.

Who Is It For?

Zumba Gold provides an appropriate workout for those just beginning a fitness program.  Feeling the music happens when one suddenly forgets they are dancing in a class and the music is the reason to move with joy.

People of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels have all discovered this fun new way to lose weight, feel good, and look better, all while having a great time!

What to Wear?

For your first trip to a Zumba class, wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in (and don’t mind getting a little sweaty) and comfortable shoes with sturdy support.  Most participants wear typical exercise clothes: athletic pants, shorts, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, etc.   The most common type of shoes are flat-soled sports shoes.

give it a go

All my classes are about having fun and making it a social event, we all have to exercise and it's so much easier when we are having fun at the same time.

So come along, what have you got to lose, I promise you will love it and will never look back.  If you need any further information feel free to give me a call or contact me via the online form here.

Hope to see you soon Lee-Ann x